Gastrointestinal - Pancreatitis Prognosis Criteria When Disease Due To Gallstones

Pancreatitis Prognosis Criteria When Disease Due To Gallstones

Select Criteria:
Criteria at time of patient admission to hospital:
Age > 70 (1 point)
Glucose > 220 (1 point)
WBC > 18,000 (1 point)
AST > 250 (1 point)
LDH > 400 (1 point)
Criteria that may develop over the first 2 hospital days:
BUN rises more than 2 mg/dL (1 point)
Base deficit > 5 (1 point)
Hct drops 10% or greater (1 point)
Calcium < 8 mg/dL (1 point)
Fluid sequestration > 4 Liters (1 point)
Results: Total Criteria Point Count:
Pancreatitis Criteria
0-2 points:Mortality is 1.8%
3-4 points:Mortality is 11%
5-6 points:Mortality is 33%
7-10 points:Mortality almost 100%
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