Development Standards

Website technology has experienced many changes in recent years. Websites have transitioned from static pages, each coded by hand, to dynamic applications with virtually endless capabilities. JODRUGS has been at the forefront in our industry to ensure that we continue to provide the most cutting edge technologies while still maintaining a pleasant experience for our users.

To continue to provide the best experience we utilize W3C web standards, test across multiple platforms, and avoid features that are supported in only the most current browser versions.

Supported Browsers

The JODRUGS website works best in:

  • Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer 8.0+

  • Chrome

    Google Chrome 3.0+

  • Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox 3.6+

  • Safari

    Safari 3+

  • Opera

    Opera 10.54+

The JODRUGS website will work but may look a little "different" in:

  • IE6. Due to the continued use of IE6 we will still support it but stongly recommend switching to one of the more modern browsers listed above to have the best experience.

Suggested Browser Settings

To be compatible with all features on the JODRUGS website, your browser should be configured to use:

  • JavaScript
  • Cookies.
  • Style Sheets (CSS)

Although JavaScript is not required to purchase from the JODRUGS website enabling JavaScript will allow you to take full advantage of all the services and tools we have available.