Examination Protocols - Fall Risk in Elderly Hospitalized Patients

Fall Risk in Elderly Hospitalized Patients

Select Criteria:
Risk Factors
History of fall at presentation or fall since admission (1 point)
Agitation present (1 point)
Visual impairment (major) (1 point)
Frequent urination (1 point)
Poor mobility or transfer ability (1 point)
Results: Total Criteria Point Count:
Fall Risk
0-1 points:2.4 to 4.1 % risk of fall
2-5 points:42 to 65.3 % risk of fall
  1. Oliver D, Britton M, Seed P, et. al. Development and evaluation of evidence based risk assessment tool (STRATIFY) to predict which elderly inpatients will fall: case-control and cohort studies. BMJ. 1997 Oct 25;315(7115):1049-1053.
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